CST 8110 - Assignment 12

Last revised: Sunday September 27, 1998 01:06.

The listing of this program is due in my assignment box by 10:45am Friday, July 18.

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Purpose and Instructions

This program demonstrates your ability to write functions taking multiple arguments and returning a single value. To do this assignment correctly, you must read and understand the Chapter 3 sections dealing with Functions With Multiple Arguments and also Functions Returning A Value. The David Bray Blue Book summarizes how functions work on p.15-21.

Assignment: Write a program for problem #10 on page 137 of the textbook.



The aggregate of all assignment marks comprises 25% of your final mark. All assignments must be completed satisfactorily to get credit for the course, even if the assignments are submitted too late to receive a mark. (See the course outline.)

Late assignments are handled according to the policy given in the course outline.