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Your Final Exam schedule is posted in the ICT office and on the Course Home Page.

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The Freedom to Choose 

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Your system install created “journalling” file systems on your virtual disk, using the “-t ext3” option to mkfs. Another way to request this kind of file system is to use the “-j” (Journalling) option to the original “mke2fs” command. This type of Linux journalling file system is usually called “ext3” or “ext4”, and some distributions have a small shell script named “mke3fs” that simply calls mke2fs with the “-t ext3” or “-j” option.

Journalling file systems are more resistant to corruption due to sudden power loss, allowing the system to come back up more quickly by avoiding a long file system check at boot time. This does NOT give you permission to power off a running Linux system! Always shut down cleanly. The correct command-line for an immediate, safe system shut down is:

# shutdown -h now

See the man page for other options.

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How Many Lines 

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