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1 Midterm Tests Index up to index

Your first midterm test will be in class Friday February 10 in Week 5.

2 Lecture Notes for This Week Index up to index

2.2 From the Classroom Whiteboard/Chalkboard Index up to index

2.2.1 Topics: Operating Systems, Linux, Shells, and File Systems Index up to index

  • Questions
    • define: absolute pathname, relative pathname, basename
    • how does your home directory differ from /home ?
    • how does the ROOT directory differ from /root ?
    • how do you remove a file? an empty directory? a full directory?
    • what is a GLOB or “wildcard” character used for, e.g. *.txt
  • Shell Programs (e.g. the Bourne-Again Shell named “bash”)
    • command line editing - The Unix/Linux Shell
    • how do you interrupt a process? send End-of-File from the keyboard?
    • how do you erase a line of typing? etc.
  • Hierarchical File Systems - directories, inodes, and hard links
  • Commands: Unix/Linux Command List (cumulative)
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