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1 Midterm Tests Index up to index

Your first midterm test will be in class Friday February 10 in Week 5.

1.0.1 Practice Questions for Midterm Test 1 Index up to index

2 Lecture Notes for This Week Index up to index

2.2 From the Classroom Whiteboard/Chalkboard Index up to index

2.2.1 Topics: Operating Systems, Linux, Shells, and File Systems Index up to index

  • Review: absolute vs. relative pathnames
  • Review: inodes, directories, and hard links
    • Unix/Linux File System - (correct explanation)
    • remember: file data and file names are in different inodes, each with its own set of permissions
    • True/False: you need write permission on a file to change its name
    • True/False: you need write permission on a file to delete it
    • True/False: removing a file name with “rm” deletes the file
    • True/False: you need read permission on a file to create a new name for it
  • Linux is a multi-user operating system
    • files and directories may be owned by different users
    • system files are generally owned by the root super-user
    • permissions protect files and directories
  • Syntax: Writing control characters: CONTROL-D == CTRL-D == ^D
  • System directories (most anything not under /home belongs to the system)
    • usually owned by the root super-user (use ls -l to check)
    • system files have no write permission for ordinary users
    • sometimes have no read permission for ordinary users
    • /root - the home directory of the root super-user account
    • /etc - configuration files, e.g. /etc/passwd - password file
    • /dev - hardware device files (disks, terminals, etc.)
    • /boot - Linux kernel and start-up files
    • /bin - program executable files (also /usr/bin)
    • /sbin - privileged and system program executable files (also /usr/sbin)
    • /lost+found - for inodes orphaned after file system damage
    • /proc - fake directory full of system and executing process information
      • try: ls -l /proc/self/.

2.2.2 Topic: more Commands Index up to index

2.2.3 Topics: Shell Features Index up to index

  • Shell Aliases
    • you can create your own names for simple commands and options
    • e.g.: $ alias ls="ls -abp --color=auto"
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