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1 Due Date and DeliverablesIndexup to index

Do not print this assignment on paper!

WARNING: Some inattentive students upload Assignment #3 into the Assignment #2 upload area. Don’t make that mistake! Be exact.

2 Purpose of this AssignmentIndexup to index

Do not print this assignment on paper. On paper, you cannot follow any of the hyperlink URLs that lead you to hints and course notes relevant to answering a question.

This is a BONUS assignment for extra credit. It is optional.

  1. Learn more about the VIM text editor, the editor used by most Unix system administrators. The editor is “hard to learn and easy to use”.

3 TasksIndexup to index

This is a BONUS assignment for extra credit. It is optional.

File and directory references below refer to pathnames created in VIM Worksheet #6 ODT.

  1. Read the VIM Notes.

  2. Complete the command-line vimtutor VIM tutorial.

  3. Complete VIM Worksheet #6 ODT.

  4. Rename your lab06 directory from the Worksheet to be assignment03 under your CST8207-14W/Assignments directory.

  5. Rename your .verify.txt file in that directory to be assignment03.txt This assignment03.txt file should contain exactly 18 lines of text.

  6. Transfer the above assignment03.txt file from the CLS to your local computer and verify its contents. Do not edit this file! No empty files, please! Edited or damaged files will not be marked. You may want to refer to your File Transfer notes.

  7. Submit the assignment03.txt file under the correct Assignment area on Blackboard (with the exact name) before the due date. Upload the file via the assignment03 “Upload Assignment” facility in Blackboard: click on the underlined assignment03 link in Blackboard. Use “Attach File” and “Submit” to upload your plain text file.

    No word-processor documents. Do not send email. Use only “Attach File”. Do not enter any text into the Submission or Comments boxes on Blackboard; I do not read them. Use only the “Attach File” section followed by the Submit button. If you need to comment on any assignment submission, send me email.

    You can upload the file more than once; I only look at the most recent. You must upload the file with the correct name; you cannot correct the name as you upload it to Blackboard.

  8. Verify that Blackboard has received your submission: After using the Submit button, you will see a page titled Review Submission History that will show all your submissions. Verify that your latest submission has the correct 16-character, lower-case file name attached to it beside the Attached Files heading. (The Submission Field and Student Comments headings must be empty; I do not read them.) You will also see the Review Submission History page any time you already have an assignment attempt uploaded and you click on the underlined assignment03 link.

    You cannot delete an assignment attempt, but you can always upload a new version. I only mark the latest version.

  9. Your instructor may also mark files in your directory in your CLS account after the due date. Leave everything there on the CLS. Do not delete any assignment work from the CLS until after the term is over!


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