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Office Hours, Class Schedule, and Timetable

Canadian Flag Ian! D. Allen Fall (September–December) 2017

Class times valid September 5 – December 08, 2017

Contact Information for Ian! D. Allen

Algonquin College, Woodroffe Campus, School of Advanced Technology (SAT – Building "T"), Room WT-313 desk 3
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I forward mail from all my email addresses (even Algonquin College) to my home computer and read it there, so the idallen.ca route is the fastest. For best results, don't use my College "alleni" address.
(send email instead!) 727-4723 ext. 7075 (send email instead!)
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Timetable for Ian! D. Allen

See also the "Academic Calendar" on the Algonquin College Registrar Office Page.

Timetables are not available until August 2017.

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CST8207 has ten lab periods per week. Ian facilitates only five of them.

The other five lab periods are facilitated by Wenjuan Jiang