CST8207 Bonus 06 – BONUS Midterm Test 1 topics review

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1 Due Date and DeliverablesIndexup to index

Do not print this assignment on paper!

WARNING: Some inattentive students upload Assignment #6 into the Assignment #5 upload area. Don’t make that mistake! Be exact.

2 Purpose of this AssignmentIndexup to index

  1. Learn from your mistakes on Midterm Test #1 PDF.
    • This PDF file will be posted when all the tests have been graded.
    • For this assignment, use your own personal test paper, not the above PDF.

This is a BONUS assignment for extra credit on your midterm test. It is optional.

2.1 Marking SchemeIndexup to index

Bonus Assignment 6 is optional. It is worth up to an additional 25% on your first Midterm Test score. (Though it is called an Assignment, it does not affect your Assignments score; it improves only your first Midterm Test score.) If you do bonus Assignment 6 successfully, I will increase your first Midterm Test mark by 25% (1/4) of the distance between your current test mark and 100%, e.g.:

You must Read All The Words and follow the exact instructions in Assignment 6 for it to be counted. Read All The Words! There will be a similar bonus assignment after the second Midterm Test.

3 Set Up – The Base Directory on the CLSIndexup to index

  1. Do a Remote Login to the Course Linux Server (CLS) from any existing computer, using the host name appropriate for whether you are on-campus or off-campus.

  2. Make the CLS directory ~/CST8207-18W/Assignments/assignment06, in which you will create the Linux-format plain text file from the following task.

This assignment06 directory is the Base Directory for most pathnames in this assignment. Store your files and answers in this Base Directory.

3.1 Fix your MistakesIndexup to index

  1. Make sure you have all the numbered Prerequisites (above) before you begin.

  2. Use a Linux text editor to create a new plain text answer file named assignment06.txt in the Base Directory on the CLS. For every question that you answered incorrectly on your own Midterm Test #1, reproduce in the answer file:

    1. the question you got wrong (from your own personal question sheet), and
    2. the full correct answer to the question.

    You may copy-and-paste each question and the correct answer into your answer file from the PDF copy of the test that will be posted after the test is over. The question numbers in the posted test will not match the numbers in your personal question sheet. Use your own numbers, not the numbers from the posted question sheet.

    Use the exact format described below to enter the question and the answer. Wrong format means no marks!

If you missed the test, you would have to copy the entire test and answer every question to get full marks (25%) for this bonus assignment.

  1. Underneath each question and correct answer in your answer file, indicate two things:

    1. Specifically where in the Class Notes (which section of which Class Notes file) you can learn how to generate this correct answer.
    2. Tell me why you got the answer wrong on the test.

    No marks are awarded unless your exact source for getting the answer is shown. Show me that you know exactly where in the notes, worksheets, or manual pages the answer comes from.

    • Practice tests are not sources of answers. Use the course notes.
    • Giving an entire web page or worksheet as a source is not specific enough. Show me that you know exactly where the answer can be found. You must point to a specific section inside a web page or worksheet. See the examples below.

    Number each question with a leading Q and use this exact file format and spelling for each answer section (exact!):

    Q5. What is a shell for?
    Answer: to find and run programs
    Source: 120_shell_basics.html "What is a shell for?"
    Why: I forgot the definition of the shell because
        I didn't make notes when I read this web page.
    Q22. What is the output on your screen of this command line?
         echo xx >cat ; head cat >cat ; wc cat
    Answer: 0 0 0 cat
    Source: 200_redirection.html 3.2 Rule 1b: Redirection file creation and truncation happen first
    Why: I did the redirection last, by mistake
    Q44. Did you read all the words of the test instructions on page one?
    Answer: Taip (Yes - Lithuanian)
    Source: Read All The Words on the test question sheet
    Why: I did not Read All The Words of the instructions on
       the first page of the test.
    1. Number each question with a leading Q using the above format.
      • Multi-line questions may be copied onto several lines, as shown.
      • Make sure you copy the entire question into your answer file.
    2. Each Answer should use the keyword Answer: using the above format.
    3. Each Source should use the keyword Source: using the above format.
      • You may quote more than one Source for a question.
    4. Each explanation of why you got it wrong should use the keyword Why: using the above format.
      • Multi-line explanations may be copied onto several lines, as shown.
    5. Use the question numbers from your personal test.
    6. Make sure you include a relevant section title from the worksheet or web page source. Citing an entire web page isn’t sufficient.
    7. Citing just a section number with no title isn’t sufficient.
    8. Separate each question and answer group with one blank line, as shown above. Don’t add unnecessary blank lines to the file.

    You may copy-and-paste each question and the correct answer into your answer file from the PDF copy of the test that will be posted after the test is over. The question numbers in the posted test will not match the numbers in your personal question sheet. Use your own numbers, not the numbers from the posted question sheet.

    WARNING: You must do your own work finding the source web document where the correct answer can be found. Marks are awarded for original typed work for the Source and Why, not for copy-and-paste from your friends. Any Source or Why lines that are found to be copy-and-paste from some other document will result in a charge of plagiarism or academic fraud. Do your own research; type your own answer source locations and explanations; no copy-and-paste from your friends; they won’t be at your job interview.

In this assignment, you are only answering the questions that you got wrong on the midterm test, not all the questions. Just the ones you got wrong.

You get no marks if you get the format wrong. Spelling, punctuation, and capitalization must be exactly as given above.

3.2 When you are doneIndexup to index

4 Submitting your WorkIndexup to index

  1. Transfer the above Linux-format plain text assignment06.txt file from the Base Directory on the CLS to your local computer and verify that the file still contains all the correct content from the CLS. Do not edit this file on your local computer! No empty files, please! Edited or damaged files will not be marked. You may want to refer to your File Transfer notes.

    • Do not edit the file from the CLS. Submit it exactly as given.
    • Make sure the file actually contains your answers.
  2. Upload the assignment06.txt Linux-format plain text file from your local computer to the correct Assignment area on Blackboard (with the exact name) before the due date:

    1. On your local computer use a web browser to log in to Blackboard and go to the Blackboard page for this course.
    2. Go to the Blackboard Assignments area for the course, in the left side-bar menu, and find the current assignment.
    3. Under Assignments, click on the underlined bonus06 link for this assignment.
      1. If this is your first upload, the Upload Assignment page will open directly; skip the next sentence.
      2. If you have already uploaded previously, the Review Submission History page will be open and you must use the Start New button at the bottom of the page to get to the Upload Assignment page.
    4. On the Upload Assignment page, scroll down and beside Attach File use Browse My Computer to find and attach your assignment06.txt file from your local computer. Make sure the assignment file has the correct name on your local computer before you attach it. Attach only your assignment06.txt file for upload. Do not attach any other file names.
    5. After you have attached the assignment06.txt file on the Upload Assignment page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and use the Submit button to actually upload your attached assignment06.txt file to Blackboard.
    6. Submit the file exactly as uploaded from the CLS.
    7. Do not submit an empty file. Do not submit any other file names.

    Use only Attach File, Browse My Computer on the Upload Assignment page. Do not enter any text into the Write Submission or Comments boxes on Blackboard; I do not read them. Use only the Attach File, Browse My Computer section followed by the Submit button. If you need to comment on any assignment submission, send me EMail.

    You can revise and upload the file more than once using the Start New button on the Review Submission History page to open a new Upload Assignment page. I only look at the most recent submission.

    You must upload the file with the correct name from your local computer; you cannot correct the name as you upload it to Blackboard.

  3. Verify that Blackboard has received your submission: After using the Submit button, you will see a page titled Review Submission History that will show all your uploaded submissions for this assignment. Each of your submissions is called an Attempt on this page. A drop-down list of all your attempts is available.

    1. Verify that your latest Attempt has the correct 16-character, lower-case file name assignment06.txt under the SUBMISSION heading.
    2. The one file name must be the only thing under the SUBMISSION heading. Only the one file name is allowed.
    3. No COMMENTS heading should be visible on the page. Do not enter any comments when you upload an assignment.
    4. Click on the Download button to open and view the file you just uploaded. MAKE SURE THE FILE YOU JUST UPLOADED HAS YOUR ANSWERS IN IT!
    5. Save a screen capture of the Review Submission History page on your local computer, showing the single uploaded file name listed under SUBMISSION. If you want to claim that you uploaded the file and Blackboard lost it, you will need this screen capture to prove that you actually uploaded the file. (To date, Blackboard has never lost an uploaded file.)
    6. Make sure you have used Submit and not Save as Draft. I cannot mark draft assignments. Make sure you Submit.

    You will also see the Review Submission History page any time you already have an assignment attempt uploaded and you click on the underlined bonus06 link. You can use the Start New button on this page to re-upload your assignment as many times as you like.

    You cannot delete an assignment attempt, but you can always upload a new version. I only mark the latest version.

  4. Your instructor may also mark files in your directory in your CLS account after the due date. Leave everything there on the CLS. Do not delete any assignment work from the CLS until after the term is over!


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