DAT2343 Final Exam - Fall 2009

This is a list of topics that may be covered on the Final Exam. This list is not completely exhaustive; it merely indicates that the given topics are candidates for being on the exam.

  1. logic circuit diagrams with Inputs/Outputs

  2. Basic Hexadecimal and Binary arithmetic, signed/unsigned, conversions; effects of arithmetic on the four Standard Flags; bitwise AND/OR/XOR/NOT and masking
    - Project 1

  3. Interpretation of Bit patterns: Hexadecimal, unsigned binary to decimal, sign+magnitude, excess-127, two's complement, ASCII

  4. Powers of two, number of bits to address memory, address space, number of bits to count N items

  5. Jump vs. Call, relocation of LMC code
    - Project 2

  6. DOS Disk DUMP Analysis: Boot Sector, Clusters, Directory entries, Attributes, C/H/S calculation, smallest file calculation, absolute disk sector calculation, number of ROOT directory entries
    - Project 3

  7. The General Computer and/or Intel Instruction Cycle (not the LMC cycle!)

  8. Basic Intel Machine Architecture, Segment/Offset Addressing, Registers, Real Addresses, address aliases, near CALL, far CALL, conditional jumps, address operands and notation [BX], [001A], [ES:001A]

  9. Simple Intel Assembler Programming, looping, IF/ELSE, including ASM syntax for a simple one-segment .COM format program and procedure(s)/subroutine(s)
    - Project 4

  10. Intel Interrupt (INT) execution and tracing, stack addressing

  11. Intel DEBUG DUMP analysis (program execution tracing)

There is no LMC programming on the final exam; programming will be in basic Intel assembler. There are no floating-point questions. Questions relating to the Boot Sector or to DOS Directory entries will have a table of offsets provided on the exam - you don't have to memorize where all the bits lie. No formulas are provided; you must remember them.

Calculators are permitted during the final exam; but, phones, pagers, and hats are not. (I'm not making this up.)