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1 Readings, Assignments, Labs, Tests, and ToDoIndexup to index

1.1 Read (at least) these things (All The Words)Indexup to index

  1. Week 07 Notes HTML – this file – Read All The Words
  2. Unix/Linux Disk Usage, Hard Links, Quotas, Finding Inodes
  3. Symbolic Links
  4. Unix Modes and Permissions, whoami, id, groups, ls -l, chmod
  5. Permissions masking with umask, chmod, 777 octal permissions
  6. List of Commands You Should Know
  7. Linux and Sysadmin News in the World
  8. Video Tutorials on Lynda.com – tagged by week number

1.2 Assignments this weekIndexup to index

Check the due date for each assignment and put a reminder in your agenda, calendar, and digital assistant. Just like in the Real World, not all due dates are on the same days or at the same times.

1.3 Lab work this weekIndexup to index

1.4 Upcoming testsIndexup to index

Read the Test Instructions (all the words) before your midterm tests. Put these dates into your phone!

Tests take place in class in your 50-minute lecture period, not in your lab period. Each midterm test is 45 minutes long and contains approximately 45 multiple-choice questions similar to those found in Practice Tests and Answers.

The Final Exam is three hours long. Take a washroom break before you start.

1.4.1 Midterm Test #2 – March 18Indexup to index

  • Midterm #2 takes place at noon on Friday, March 18 (Week 9) in your scheduled lecture hour (not in your lab period).
  • For full marks, you must read the Test Instructions before the test for important directions on how to enter your name, answers, your lab (not lecture) section number, and the test version number on the question sheet and the mark-sense forms.
  • There may be more questions on the test than you can answer in the time allowed; answer the ones you know, first.
  • A set of practice questions and answers for the second midterm test is posted: Practice Tests and Answers.

1.4.2 Quizzes: Midterm #2 QuizIndexup to index

  • Blackboard has some quizzes taken randomly from the practice test. This second quiz set is one of several marked quizzes in this course. The quizzes are part of your course grade. See the Week 04 Notes HTML for how to earn all your quiz marks.
  • See the Course Outline for the mark weight of all the quizzes.

3 From the Classroom Whiteboard/ChalkboardIndexup to index

3.1 Fifteen minute ruleIndexup to index

Your time as a student is valuable. See the Week 03 Notes HTML.

3.2 CommandsIndexup to index

Keep a notebook with a List of Commands in it. - You need to write down yourself what each command does. - I will check for this list in your lab periods. - Check the updated list of commands each week.

3.3 Locked outIndexup to index

The CLS will lock out your IP address if you can’t type your own userid correctly.

If this happens, you have to follow the posted directions to have me unlock your IP address. You can change to another IP address. You can always come to school where no IP addresses are locked out.

Take Notes in Class

Take Notes in Class

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