=============================================================== Assignment #13 - HTML and CSS Study and Review =============================================================== - Ian! D. Allen - idallen@idallen.ca - www.idallen.com Read *all* the words in this assignment. This is the LAST ASSIGNMENT in CST8281 Fall 2011. Goal: Demonstrate mastery of basic table and list HTML. Demonstrate mastery of basic CSS properties. Available online: Thursday November 10, 2011 Deliverables: One correctly-named plain text file uploaded to Blackboard. Upload due date: Upload answer file before 15h00 (3pm) on Wednesday December 7, 2011 Late assignments or wrong file names may or may not be marked. Answers will be posted shortly after the due date/time and discussed in class, if there are any questions about the answers. Submission method: Create a plain text file using the *exact* name "assignment13.txt" Upload the file via the Assignment13 "Upload File" facility in Blackboard. Use "Attach File" and "Submit" to upload your plain text file. No wordprocessor documents. Do not send email. Use only "Attach File". Use the *exact* file name given above. Upload only one single file of plain text, not HTML, not MSWord. No fonts, no word-processing. Plain text only. Did I mention that the format is plain text (VIM/Nano/Pico/Gedit or Notepad)? NO WORD PROCESSOR, PDF, RTF, or HTML DOCUMENTS ACCEPTED. No marks are awarded for submitting under the wrong assignment number. Not all assignments will be marked. See the Week 1 Notes for details. Answers will be posted after the due date/time so that you can check your answers before coming to class and ask questions about the answers in class. Please check your answers (and my answers!). I go over each assignment in class if there are questions about the answers. No questions means no review - I'll presume you know the material. Questions similar to ones on these assignments will appear on your tests and exams. DO THIS: Edit this file and answer the following questions underneath each question, showing the method or formula you used to get the answer. Many of the questions already give you the answer - you must show the full method you use to generate that answer. Upload the file containing the question, methods, formulas, and answers before the due date. Some of the answers below will require reading the links published in the weekly course notes. Full marks are awarded only if you show your method, the same method you will have to use on your midterm test and final exam. Marks are awarded for original work, not for cut-and-paste. Any answers that are found to be cut-and-paste from some other document will require you to resubmit the entire lab as hand-written (and may result in a charge of plagiarism or academic fraud as well). Do your own thinking; write your own answers. CLS = Course Linux Server ============================================================================== 0. When is your CST8281 final exam? What is the word before "white-lists" in the 000_test_instructions.html file in the Course Notes? From the Course Home Page: CST8281: Friday December 16 08h30 (08:30am to 11am) - T130 - Final exam Go read the 000_test_instructions.html file to find the word "email". *** Basic HTML *** 1. Give here the minimum HTML (no CSS) for a valid HTML 4.01 strict web page: My Title

This is my first web page.

On a test, you are not required to remember the details of the DOCTYPE, but you are required to know that it must be present. 2. Give here the simplest HTML (no CSS) for this table with a border: +----------------------+ | one | two | three | |----------------------| | four | five | |----------------------| | six | seven | eight | |----------------------| | nine | ten | +----------------------+
one two three
four five
six seven eight
nine ten
On a test, you only need to supply the HTML for the element required. You do not have to supply the rest of the web page. Only give the required element, not the whole web page. Read all these words. 3. Give here the simplest HTML (no CSS) for this nested list: 1. One * one first * one second 2. Two 1. two first 2. two second 3. Three * three first * three second The "*" may appear as a standard list bullet character, not as "*". Make sure that the first and last nested lists are