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Fall 2011 - September to December 2011 - Updated 2011-06-01 15:57 EDT

Failure to follow these instructions may result in a lower grade.

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2 Equipment for Tests and ExamsIndexup to index

3 What to Enter on the Mark-Sense FormsIndexup to index

The blue “bubble” mark-sense forms must be filled out in pencil only. You must fill in, using pencil only, the circles that correspond to only these three three things:

  1. The Test Version numbers.
  2. The letters in your name.
  3. The letter (one per question) of the answers you select.

Do not fill in anything else. The scanner cannot read your handwriting; it only looks at the pencil bubbles. Fill in the bubbles.

You only need to enter these three things on the mark-sense form:

  1. Enter the Test Version number (three digits) in two places.
  2. Enter your Full Name (no abbreviations) with last name first. Please also write your name in letters above the pencil circles. The scanner cannot read your handwriting; fill in the bubbles.
  3. Enter only one answer for each question. Erase fully any errors you make!

The above three items are all you need to enter on the mark-sense form. Nothing more. You do not need your student number or your gender.

3.1 Test Version NumberIndexup to index

The Test Version number is a three-digit number clearly labelled as Test Version on the top of the front page of the test. You must copy correctly this three-digit number into two fields on the mark-sense form. Copy it into the “NO. OF QUESTIONS” field and also into the “NO. OF STUDENTS” field. Make two copies of this Test Version number. Remember to fill in the bubbles! The scanner cannot read handwriting.

3.2 Spelling Your Full NameIndexup to index

The spelling of your name must match the spelling used by the College registrar exactly, otherwise your marks won’t be credited correctly.

For full marks, spell your name exactly the way the College has recorded it. Check ACSIS if you aren’t sure of the spelling. Do not abbreviate your name or omit any names unless you are registered at the College with that abbreviation. Use as much of your registration name as can fit on the mark-sense form, truncating as necessary to fit the spaces. Remember to fill in the bubbles! The scanner cannot read handwriting.

3.3 One Answer per QuestionIndexup to index

You may only select one answer per question. Pick the best one. Erase completely any mistakes you make on the mark-sense form.

4 What to hand in when the test/exam endsIndexup to index

At the end of the test, you must hand in everything you were given. You must hand in your question sheet, your mark-sense form, and any scrap paper you used. Hand in everything.

You must write your Name on your question sheet, as well as fill in the bubbles on the mark-sense form sheet.

For midterm tests, you will get your question sheet returned to you.

5 How you get your Midterm Test marksIndexup to index

For midterm tests, You will receive an email with your right/wrong answers within a day or two of the test. Please add and to your email white-lists. Check your junk mail in case Algonquin misdirects this email. You will need your personal question sheet to make sense of the answer email; get this sheet from your instructor and compare it with the email you receive.

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