Week 06 Notes for CST8281 - Fall 2011

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Fall 2011 - September to December 2011 - Updated 2011-10-19 06:32 EDT

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2 Lecture Notes for This WeekIndexup to index

2.2 From Blackboard Course DocumentsIndexup to index

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2.4.1 Character EncodingIndexup to index

  • Character codes: ASCII, extended ASCII, EBCDIC, Unicode, UTF-8
    • ASCII Control Characters (unprintable)
    • line ends for text files on Unix/Mac/Windows
    • reading character tables
    • compare ASCII & EBCDIC for sort order and common printable characters
    • ASCII puts ‘A’ before ‘a’; EBCDIC does the reverse
    • tabs vs. spaces
    • know the Seven Famous ASCII Characters
      • 0D 0A 20 30 41 61 7F
    • do not memorize any EBCDIC
    • how to print the decimal value of 00001111(2) on the screen in ASCII?
      • decimal value is 15: send 31h and 35h (“1” and “5”)
  • Problems with all the 8-bit extended-ASCII character sets
    • can’t have Latin1 French and Latin2 Polish in the same text file: why?
  • UTF-8 advantages and disadvantages
    • same as ASCII, no endian-ness, multi-byte, full Unicode, may require more bytes than Unicode
  • Fonts vs. Character codes
    • codes only say what letter, not what it looks like
  • Why can’t French (Latin1) and Polish (Latin2) exist in the same text file?
    • same problem for all the 8-bit extended-ASCII character sets
  • Memory speeds (latencies) (06.ppt #7)
    • 1ns-2ns - registers
    • 3ns-10ns - Level 1 Cache
    • 25ns-50ns - Level 2 Cache
    • 30ns-90ns - main memory
    • 5ms-20ms - fixed hard disk
    • Source: 06.ppt slide 7 (under [Blackboard] Course Content - Slides)
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